fortyozspartan (fortyozspartan) wrote,

My new router

Micro Center was having a sale on routers a few weeks ago so I bit the bullet and bought one. I bought the cheapest wireless N router they had by TrendNet. Never used TrendNet before but they were supposedly good and we have a few in the office. This thing sucks balls. First, I didn't realize that the router can't run G connections and N connections at the same time unless it's dual band. My fault I guess for not doing enough research. I have enough devices running on G still (almost all) that I still need G wireless. I'm not about to buy a Wireless N adapter for the Xbox or a new card for my notebook. So, I pretty much have to run the router in G mode since if an N device is already connected, none of the G devices will be able to connect after that. This is annoying, but not the end of the world. No, the problem is that sometimes the router won't accept new connections. If someone comes over with their laptop and tries to connect, they'll connect but not have any internet. I can restart their computer as many times as I want, fuck with settings, etc and still nothing. But then, I can restart the router and magically everything works. This sucks dick.

Piece of shit - do not buy.
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