fortyozspartan (fortyozspartan) wrote,

Holy wikileaks dickshit

Whether or not you think this shit should've been made public or not, some of it is pretty amazing...

"Biographic and biometric data, including health, opinions toward the US, training history, ethnicity (tribal and/or clan), and language skills of key and emerging political, military, intelligence, opposition, ethnic, religious, and business leaders. Data should include email addresses, telephone and fax numbers, fingerprints, facial images, DNA, and iris scans."

"The big story circulating around the globe is that Arab nations have been urging the US to bear down on Iran.

"King Hamad pointed to Iran as the source of much of the trouble in both Iraq and Afghanistan," one November 2009 cable discloses.

According to the memo, Bahrain's Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa was speaking to General David Petraeus. "He argued forcefully for taking action to terminate their nuclear program, by whatever means necessary. 'That program must be stopped,' he said. 'The danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.'""

From Ars, but many, many news stories about this
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