fortyozspartan (fortyozspartan) wrote,

Some general thoughts about Wikileaks

  • It hasn't really released anything dangerous.. unless you consider exposing US mercenary dealings in child prostitution "dangerous"

  • Or that one of Kim Jong-Il's sons is too busy playing videos games to take over the country

  • Nobody in the US has ever really been prosecuted for just releasing classified information

  • Assange isn't even a US citizen, nor does he reside here - consider this when coming up with excuses to stop him

  • He's not a terrorist. Stop saying he is.

  • The rape charges seem a lot like an excuse to arrest him

  • The outrage from US officials is directly proportional to their worry that Assange has something on them

  • He may be a dick, his motivations may not be pure, but his actions do not warrant a kill squad

Just saying.
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