fortyozspartan (fortyozspartan) wrote,

HTPC + OTA antenna, mostly a complete affair

Ever since I bought my house I have been eyeing the antenna that protrudes proudly from the chimney and plotting. Two weeks ago I successfully refurbished the antenna with the help of one my field friends. It was an old antenna so I had to get a 300 ohm to 75 ohm transformer which I ran quad shield coax cable from. This past week I assembled a PC for recording TV off of said antenna using Windows Media Center. Things I wanted out of my WMC:

  • Stream anything

  • record HD OTA programming

  • playback OTA recordings

  • future blu-ray playback

  • bitstream HD audio

It essentially does all of those tasks with the exception of 720P or 1080P flash video. I really wish I would've looked into the E-350 more. Apparently, it's not unknown that it struggles with high quality flash. Although in fairness to myself, I did read an article that promoted it for an HTPC build. I'm going to update the drivers and shit, but if that doesn't work then I'm selling it on eBay and getting an I3-2100 or A6. Decently more expensive investments, but will surely handle flash fine. My current build:

Screw the cable companies.
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